Nia Wyn – Turnstiles Featuring Paul Weller Review

Say ‘turnstiles’ and you will instantly conjure images of American teenage movies promoting the lives of angst-ridden 30-40-year olds portraying younger people rebelling and skipping class. Jump the Atlantic Ocean and you will be brought back down to earth to hear the sounds of Nia Wyn and her new chum Paul Weller melodically exposing us to Nia’s trademark vocals.


Many compare her to Amy Winehouse due to her distinctive voice and though this comparison is probably a little too easy to make, it is deserved. Nia’s style and vocals easily carve out paths of their own.

On backing vocals, the song’s producer, Paul Weller, can be heard subtly adding his signature behind Nia’s sharp sounds backed by solid pianos, horns and percussion. The song’s theme easily makes its point from the get-go and is direct – finding unanticipated love in surprising places. The song’s array of instruments synchronise well to compliment her voice in which she flows effortlessly over them for an astral performance.

Turnstiles got clubs talking and dancing with its feel-good guitar riffs and music you would most likely hear against the backdrop of an advert before a movie. Plenty of feel-good harmonics mark a change from her usual mode (which, make no mistake is fabulous). ‘Turnstiles’ helps us understand Nia Wyn’s diversity in songwriting, so remember, this girl can touch each of the corners of her hexagon sound palette. If Turnstiles is a prelude to an album? Then we can expect a lot more to come from her.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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