Channel 4’s BREXIT Programme Screamed For Change But Failed To Debate Shared Environments

Many arguments for leaving the EU sat closer to nationalist rhetoric, borderline warmongering and was evident throughout the 2017 general election. Screams of will you “push the button?” JUST “PUSH THE BUTTON!” by question time audience members during the campaign trail were inexplicable and scary.

Following the referendum to leave the EU, the British pound plummeted and continues to be eaten up by the dollar. Difficulties caused by Brexit stretch far and wide, but the consequences of leaving the EU span more than just a loss of the custom’s union and visa-free travel. They rip through collaborative efforts to minimise emissions and promote clean energy.

off shore wind farms bw

Very little talk was cultivated around green policies with national security absorbing the bulk of the debates. But the truth is, climate change is a national security threat. Whether you believe it is man-made or not, the fact sea levels are rising to cause wide-spread floods throughout the UK, eating the crust of the British Isles is more than enough reason for coast-dwelling citizens and flood risk based residents to ask more of their MP. EU membership or not.

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