Climate Change Deniers Will Be Believers If Financial Benefits Of Clean Energy Are Put Forward

Denied by billionaires and their minority of followers, the radar for its devastating consequences are battled on unsuitable grounds. The United States is the world’s largest polluter sustained through the action of legalised bribery, known as lobbying. A further change in the office of the president has tightened its grip against combatting global emissions.

This unfortunate scheme to better the lives of billionaires and congresspeople builds walls around a majority campaigning to bring actionable development to halt the black clouds of climate change.

Much of this sequence is similar to election campaigning. As noted in the National Geographic produced documentary ‘Before the flood’, former economics advisor to George W Bush, Greg Mankiw, remarks how the presidential outlook of particular subject matter changes when there is a shift in public opinion. This, of course, is obvious, but the answer does not necessarily lie behind political management. Instead, change lies in raising awareness of corporations whose lobbyist strategies pursue members of Congress.

power plant smoke factory

Shifting public opinion does not change corporate cogs into opting for cleaner energy sources. That is done by exhibiting untapped reusable energy sources (such as water, wind etc) to them. Campaigning for cleaner renewables lies in appealing to peoples wallets, not in protesting (although it does help) against the villains of society.

Right now, domination of fossil fuels is driven by corruption of the highest bidder for a lawmaker’s conscience. Acquire the lawmaker and you have yourselves a vote, and the only way to achieve this is to explain reusable energy potential, which at present is undervalued.

Renewables firms must and need to start lobbying against dirty energy corporations. Playing them at their own game is the only way to win the future, and by offering to increase their wage year by year can bide time until financial returns are made and promises are met. It can literally turn the tide and preserve tomorrow.

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