Whizzful Thinking. Why Pee Can Help You Battle Water Waste

Bathroom cleanliness is a state we all wish to achieve no matter how sigh inspiring it may be. But there are some things we overlook in the sanitary department, like storing your toothbrush in the same gosh darn room as you excrete your body waste.

Flushing the toilet initiates something called “toilet plume”, which sprays toilet matter and germs into the air as you plunge gallons of water into a bowl. In actuality, the so-called clean thing to do is actually the worst thing you can do. So don’t flush! But before you cringe, hear me out.

not flushing is better for the environment

Flushing every time you use the toilet wastes an incredible amount of water. Older toilets flush anything between 3.5 gallons per flush to 8 gpf. And if more than 1 person lives in your abode, an even greater expense impacts the environment. Approximately 35 gallons if you’re interested. More if you own an older toilet.

Pee is clean! It’s only likely to infect another person if they have a urinary tract infection. And in your own house it is highly unlikely that you won’t know that.

So, don’t flush your toilet every time you dispatch bodily fluids, there are heaps of other benefits you will reap for being pragmatic about the environment.

Although it may seem socially unacceptable to leave a drizzle of pee in your ceramic throne, the flush that eliminates urine severely outweighs the amount you dispose of. Aside from letting your pee remain for a few flushes, you can also save water by peeing in the shower, and when no one is looking, in the garden to help your plants grow. You’ll save money, time and most importantly – the planet.

Next time someone calls you out for skipping the flush, call them out for being covered in pee and poo.

Addendum: Flush your poop. ALWAYS flush your poop.

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