Why You Shouldn’t Choose Express Delivery

New initiatives such as Amazon prime’s same day shipping now covers 10 million items,  having a damaging impact on the environment. Trucks and vans are now something of a regular visibility in residential areas and quickly growing.

Same day deliveries impact the climate in two ways:

1) Trucks are loaded with fewer items, meaning more vehicles are sent out to different areas to cater to the spread of orders. This means more petrol is being discharged leaving a bigger carbon footprint.

delivery man vintage

2) Since the introduction of express deliveries, demand for consumer goods has increased. This demand led to an increase in cardboard used to package items for dispatch. Last year, 4,700 tonnes of cardboard were not recycled according to a report filed by the Department For Environment and Rural Affairs.

Other reasons for the drive to online purchases include ‘try before you buy’ schemes. This led to an increase in consumers purchasing items via online retailers to wear once with intent to return them. Not only do these schemes increase the number of products being shipped, but the return process further stresses climate impact.

So, what should you do if you want to buy online? Buying in store is a better option, but if you must purchase online, the safest bet will be to opt for standard delivery. Each retailer consolidates shipments and dispatches them at a logical time to save money and petrol lessening will emissions ejections.

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