The Habit Of Habitual Ritual Habits

Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks for a split second to realise – ‘wow, I’m alive! I’m here’ before downloading back into your body? It’s a blissful yet short-lived realisation and can happen anywhere. For a brief moment, you morph into this euphoric enterprising being who has all the answers before returning back to earth.

You’re not losing your mind, it’s like a squirt of dopamine putting you in your place. The atoms realign and reality is bent back into shape. The make-up of our make-up bound together, tension set so wonderfully geometric and humming via a synergy of atoms unaware of its role in helping beings, objects and manifestations be visible to each other. And without the humming of their mollusc like ignorant sentience – all will be numb.

Child eating cereal in 1950s_routine_habits
Ok, so I’ve rabbited on for two paragraphs– but even without my two cents, things can’t be as bad as they seem or should seem. The difference between making the life you want and living the life you want is as different as two words that seem and seam when spoken.

The paramount perspective to gain from a viewing platform is not the view itself, but the individuality of what makes it so. The mountains, the villages, the villagers, the streams, the birds flying so picturesquely through the sky against the backdrop of clouds that could so easily be a painting. And just like the clouds, the mountains too sit like a cherry upon the top of a cream cake. Each detail is a conduit for something marvellous.

Habit is the soul of our lives, and without it, we lack direction. Building habits is the Lego blocks for where we want to be. You can’t build a traditional castle with a set of bright red bricks, but you can sure build one and paint it grey. Habits are the atoms to better moods and as a consequence of stacking them, we gain better perspectives of ourselves and the content of self-mechanism.

Everyday habits can be as simple as waking up each morning to drink a glass of water, to getting out of bed at a particular time to shower. These choices, no matter how silly and inconsequential they may seem are integral to building important mentalities that will challenge bad habits. A rocket can’t lift-off without a launchpad, and having a set of rituals is like having a set of goals to ignite you.

Getting your atoms together to construct a set of idiosyncratic behaviours will merit distinction for custom building a new and adventurous self. Envision/research the people you most admire and think to yourself, would this activity be good enough for her/him? Could it be, waking to watch television is a rule of thumb for Ansel Adams? If you’re telling yourself yes, it’s a wakeup call to build better habits. And what better time to start than…

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