Filter Coffee Is King For These Reasons

Coffee is a delightful way to start the day. It is a drink that can stimulate the brain and improve overall health, minus a few caveats if you want to consume it for that reason alone. Two weekends ago, I entered a Nespresso store in Piccadilly, looking to re-energise from a 4-hour walking work meeting (yes, it’s a thing and I strongly recommend it). Suffering from caffeine starvation, I asked a store assistant if they stocked filter coffee, to which she responded: “I’m sorry sir, we only serve Nespresso capsules” to which I politely thanked her for her time. A moment later, I turned to witness her, and the store manager, looking, laughing at me.

At first, I trajected a stare, thinking ‘if only they knew’, what a slow poison regular espresso is. How without milk, it’s disgustingly awful and bitter taste carries a trojan horse of blood thickening agents. Filter coffee is king, and for many reasons.

Lower cholesterol levels

Coffee contains a destructive compound known as ‘cafestol’ which can spike cholesterol levels. However, making coffee with a paper filter, removes this damaging proxy for ill health, allowing you to enjoy it without this proviso.

It’s a meditative process

Brewing espresso at home, or buying it in a café can be noisy, messy and stress-inducing. Whereas, brewing with a filter provides the basis for routine when creating your cup. The smell is relaxing and its aroma, therapeutic.

Composting and the environment

Once you finish with your grind, it can easily be deposed of if using unbleached filter paper, unlike home espresso which can be a chore to clean. Remaining granules can be easily removed and composted.

No more hard water

If you live in a hard water area, your filter will trap most hard water particles in the paper, allowing for a noticeably better taste.

Photograph: The amazing Life magazine

It tastes better, with or without milk

This is a subjective opinion, albeit a popular one. Filter coffee tastes better and can still be made into your favourite cappuccino, latte, flat-white concoction.

It’s minimalist!

This is for those who live intentionally, who will understand the simplicity of making a coffee with fewer elements. A simple black coffee can be as satisfying as one laden with the most ingredients. And without milk, the process, the finish and taste can elevate your nostrils and tongue to another level. Less is more, especially in this case.

Give it a go. And why not, considering you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in your health, lifestyle and a slight boost to your well-being through a meditative process. Not to mention you will be consuming these wonderful vitamins

Folate, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Manganese, Phosphorus and little to none cafestol!

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