Amazon Forest Fires: Stop And Think About The G7’s Penny Like Pledge

While the Amazon burns, it seems apathy to save it increases. Worldwide, forest fires have intensified, and the role of the Amazon rainforest becomes more clear than ever. A simple Google search for ‘Amazon rainforest’ will instantly populate your screen with images of smoke and leveled greenery.

Yesterday, the G7 pledged $20 million to fight the Amazon fires, a sum the Brazilian government rejected. But let’s break this down. $20 million is not much. $20 million between 7 nations is approximately $2.8 million each, a figure eclipsed by even Leonardo DiCaprio and friends who pledged $5 million.

There is no positive outcome for the Amazon rainforest in all this, no pressure has been exerted to induce reaction from the Bolsonaro government. Iran faced sanctions, Brazil faces nothing, even though the severity of the two’s actions amounts to the same. An apocalyptic knife edge.

This lack of action only highlights how entangled the Amazon rainforest is within global industry, and that attempts to pressure Amazon controlling regions may supress industry worldwide. These are clear symptoms of profit over environment, and it is the same old routine when it comes to oil and climate change.

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