Are We Stupid Or Are We Molluscs? The Case For Embracing Idiocy

There comes a time in everybody’s life when we begin to ask repetitive questions of ourselves. Who am I? What am I doing here?

But these are questions we ask ourselves from a very early age, and recently, I’ve been self-inquiring something of the opposite. Who can I be? Where should I be and what can I do to help?

Much of this broods from the meandering thought of what will climate change do to the world and the very nature and predicament we have put ourselves in, due to our overflowing self-created piss pan.

The zenith of our Hansel and Gretel type exploits has developed us into a stunning pile of meat vehicles, happy to dance toward an open oven ablaze slowly spreading into the rest of the house. We truly are that stupid.

Other symptoms of a truly insentient world populated with people of ignoramus property, include the fact we (in Britain) are leaving the European Union off of the influence and carefully executed and targeted plan to sway undecided voters into voting to leave the EU, the same was applied in the US where they elected a McDonald’s brand ambassador, the fact we cut down organic matter providing us with food and we are happy to make extinct the predators that keep these ecosystems in check. Jeff Bezos clearly named his company ‘Amazon’ , because it produces so much cardboard packaging. However, they recently switched to plastic, because they’re a-holes.

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Generally, people we meet daily are sensible rational people because of the simplified questions we ask each other. But unfortunately, complexities surrounding political motivations eventually lifts the lid of the stove-top kettle voter. And election results rarely show signs of progress.

We once lived in caves, later rejecting it. Then we returned to them in the form of our mobile phones. We often languish in the simulation of life itself mirrored through the crumbs of reality. We neglect the true form of life, substituting it for the falsified specks of its broken glass in an effort to run away from the misfortune of our existence.

We spaced ourselves from one another because we invested heavily in entertainment of the pre-mobile phone era. So much so, that many could only envision a life of importance through the comings of fame and the financial fortune that it may bring.

This paved the way for a philosophy to be adopted by those who know no better. Who are quenched by the free and automatic dopamine vending machines that we hold in the palm of our hands, 24 hours a day. We have nothing more to say to each other because we risk looking back into the authenticity of lifespan that offers lack of Domo, confusion and self-perceived imprisonment.

Today, we can only see self-importance through obvious and stark presence provided through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. It only eschews the inevitability of value in the real world.  Something we forget to acknowledge because of the presence of instant privilege provided through 6-inch square coltan powered machines.

Are we stupid or are we molluscs? The answer is yes, we are both and much much more. Being stupid can be a baseplate to increase one’s own intelligence, and in fact, a better place to be than the moulded ignorance of educated intractability.

I’ve met some people that are so educated, they’re dumb. Whereas, I have met some incredibly resilient and intelligent people who have the answers to almost everything because of their life experiences (even at young ages) and diversity in work and passion choices.

Leaders of society, true changemakers disregard their qualifications in order to absorb more. Education is many things, but qualification is not one of them.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” -Albert Einstein

In this time of greatest need, we must begin to learn how best to counteract irresponsible behaviour at base and at institutional levels.

Right now, the reckless impunity in which we are all engaged with only serves to give licence to those at the top who live with nihilistic principles powered by demonic satiety.

Our greatest need is to reverse the state of the planet’s climatic health. Nothing else matters if we cannot nurse the negative environmental impacts, we have self-inflicted upon ourselves.

If you’re going to be dumb, use that privilege wisely. Your attention to all that is new might just trigger the spark that will change the world for the better and for your children.

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