Quickie: A Better Solution To Coffee Cup Wastage – Collapsible Coffee Cups

Coffee cup wastage is everywhere. To look upon its smelly sight is equal to that of dog turds in your own neighbourhood. According to recycling advocates, waste of each cup equates to 0.24lbs of carbon. This is astounding if you multiply that number by the amount of coffee drinkers.

The most impractical thing about bringing your own cup to a coffee bar is they’re difficult to transport and leak when you want to repack. But a nifty way around this is to purchase a collapsible coffee cup.

Recently, I purchased one by Stojo, who produce stunningly minimalist style silicone cups, that easily fold into the tight crevices of a backpack. I managed to fit one into an external side compartment of my camera bag. If you’re a photographer, you’ll know how little room camera bag manufacturers dedicate to such spaces.

The secret of its transportability is the silicone material it is made of. Of course, you don’t need to buy one by Stojo, but it helps to have a well-established brand behind your purchase in case things go wrong. And at the low price of £11.99, you can’t! Especially when you can double up on rewards.

It wasn’t long ago I spoke of how unlikely it is for people to bring their own cups to gain rewards, but a Stojo cup might motivate others into doing so. It has done so to me.

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