Soda Streams – How The World’s Most Popular Brands Are Destroying The Environment

It’s red, a household name and can be used as an industrial cleaner, diabetes and obesity facilitator. For over 133 years, Coca-Cola has undergone a range of changes and controversies galore. Its main competitor, Pepsi, is no stranger to the aforementioned either.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi, not only profit from the abuse of health, but also the availability of water to create a product that holds no benefit to human wellbeing.

The two giants control a large share of the food industry as well as several recognisable food brands with sales intensifying during holiday periods and special events. Though reality bites when the true consequence of consuming these dark beverages slaps us in the chops of ignorance.

It takes 3 litres of water to create 1 litre of Coca-Cola/Pepsi which in times of climate change and extreme weather patterns is a disgusting practice.

By choosing to drink Coca-Cola/Pepsi products we are collaborating to demolish habitats and leaving local residents residing within the proximity of soda producing plants in developing nations vulnerable to its effects.

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Even though Coca-Cola/Pepsi reduced their water consumption from 7 to 3 litres of water per litre of drink produced, it is not enough. In Kaldera, Rajasthan, India – a poverty-stricken village, water levels dropped 10 metres following the opening of a Coca-Cola soda plant in 2000 according to War On Want.

As of October 2019, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have a score of D on Rank a Brand, which if anything, is a compliment to what it truly should be.

Considering Coca-Cola/Pepsi’s senseless water usage, plastic bottling and the emissions needed to bring the product to point of sale – commodities such as Coca-Cola/Pepsi should be reprimanded with beyond imaginable taxes. Not tax evasion.

So what can be done to cease the destruction being wreaked upon countless habitats by throwaway plastic bottles and ill-considered water usage?

A boycott of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co primary and secondary products.

Which means steering clear of secondary products such as Costa Coffee and Quaker Oats.

In truth, Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s primary produce are unneeded dietary requirements, and only seek to extend the climate crisis through a thoughtless and irresponsible production of more than 110 billion bottles per year, plus emissions.

3 litres of water to manufacture 1 litre of soda is beyond imprudent, even suicidal if one is to ruminate the effects of squandering invaluable resources. By opening new soda plants, Coca-Cola/Pepsi is sucking lakes dry allowing for no regenerative process in the quest for profit. 110 billion bottles per (not including Pepsi’s figures) year means they will need to annually match or beat that figure at the expense of rapidly declining water levels that will only deplete further.

We must be more considerate of what we eat and decide what we really want. To drink a pointless drink, or aggravate the climate crisis? You choose.

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