Lavazza Launches Range Of Compostable Coffee Pods

Coffee company Lavazza has replaced its range of coffee capsules with fully compostable pods. They can also be recycled in one of two ways; by dropping them off to a recycling station or by starting your own. Incentives to recycle come in the form of reward points which can be redeemed against a charity or school chosen by the owner of the points.

Lavazza’s prior range of coffee pods were created using a mix of plastics, aluminium and foil which can take hundreds of years to break down. The move comes as a number of companies rethink their sustainability policies following public outcry over the use of non-organic materials which impact the environment and eco-systems of animals, and animals themselves with fatal consequences.

In the UK, plastic waste amounts to 5 million tonnes per year with the average family throwing away 40kg that can be recycled. Larger amounts are unable to be recycled due to complex productions and/or shapes including yoghurt and dessert pots.

Lavazza’s production pledge is a welcome addition in a world of otherwise uninterested corporations. Not only does the move ignore middlemen of the recycling industry, but allows consumers to recycle at home.

This, I hope is a step in the right direction, with potential to prod other production houses into using eco-friendly packaging. This will allow the general public to recycle themselves, as the reach of most recycling companies is not congruent in a world of immoderateness.

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