New BioPlastic Created By Student Start-Up

A graduate from the University Of Sussex has created a groundbreaking product that is tipped to replace conventional plastics. Student Lucy Hughes came up with the compostable alternative to plastic named ‘MarinaTex‘.

MarinaTex uses ocean waste such as algae and fish scales to create a product that will rival consumer used plastic goods. The product won the 2019 James Dyson award and is being tipped to change production values and potentially slow and/or stop environmental damage.

It is currently thought that approximately 100 million animals die each year as a consequence of plastic littering. Organic replacements such as MarinaTex can help change that.

Miss Hughe’s idea is non-toxic, edible and diverse enough to be used in commonly available disposable products including sandwich boxes and takeaway wrappers. One adult Cod can produce approximately 1,400 carriers.

According to UN statistics, we produce more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste per year.

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