Extinction Rebellion Founder Roger Hallam On Hunger Strike

Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam who was arrested and detained for 4 weeks (Monday 24th) before planned action across the country has gone on hunger strike. He is charged with conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

Four others from splinter group ‘Beyond Politics’ were also arrested with the exception of one not thought to be connected to Extinction Rebellion.

They are Holly Brentall, 28, of Haringey, Ferhat Ulusu, 42 of Hackney, Diana Warner, 61, from Bristol and Steven Nunn, 56, of Telford. Extinction Rebellion confirmed that Steven Nunn is not a member.

A statement by Extinction Rebellion read: “On the 24th of August five members of the Burning Pink Party (BPP), formally known as the Beyond Politics Party, including Roger Hallam, Blyth Brentnall, Diana Warner, Ferhat Ulusu and Anglican priest Steven Nunn, were arrested in their homes. They appeared in person at Highbury and Islington Magistrates court at 12 noon on Tuesday, charged with conspiracy to commit public nuisance and criminal damage, as well as breaking bail conditions”

Roger Hallam

Mr Hallam, 54, of Wandsworth is expected to appear in court next month. All five have gone on hunger strike according to the group’s website.

“Starving yourself is not a flippant decision, it’s the last tool in the box. Especially considering some of these folks are new to activism…”…”…It’s devastating that it has come to this, that people feel the desperate need to take these risks to raise the alarm about this climate emergency.”

Extinction Rebellion has planned protests across the country this weekend ahead of further protests next week described as an ‘uprising’.

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