Net-Zero Carbon By 2050 Is Not Only A Recipe For Disaster, But Also Failure

The target is a suicidal maxim designed to delay tackling the global emergency. It is like setting your house on fire and staying inside.

Net-zero by 2050 is pitched as an achievable target. But the truth is, it is downright suicide. It has become the new leader ism to speak to the world so they can be remembered as a warrior for climate equality and justice. In reality, it will be a failure and nothing more than an accelerant for greenhouse gases.

The 2050 target or even 2020 is too late. By 2040, severe water stress will have taken many countries to the brink of disaster, as will extreme heat. But by 2040, a decade before the so-called target for net-zero emissions, sea ice will have already disappeared from the Arctic.

Francis X Diebold, a professor of economics, finance, and statistics at the University of Pennsylvania says “Using statistical modelling, we’re predicting a much faster reduction of Arctic sea ice than most climate models have, by about 2040 as opposed to 2060 or 2070,” Using satellite data, Diebold predicts a 60% chance for an ice-free Summer Arctic, much sooner than anticipated. This loss will spell disaster for the climate. Sea levels will rise and weather will be disrupted by changes to oceanic temperatures and the knock-on effect will be unfathomable.

World leaders claim they’re doing enough to stave the march of negative climate effects, but they’re not. Something former French Environment Minister Nicholas Hulot agrees with.

In August 2018, French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot quit in a live radio interview (not even his wife knew prior to the announcement) after growing increasingly frustrated by his government’s inaction on climate change. Translated by The Associated Press, he said “It (France) is not doing enough,” later saying “Europe is not doing enough. The world is not doing enough.”

He isn’t alone. Scientists say irreversible negative climate change must be averted within the next 10 years, others say 20 years while some make clear the emergency should be tackled immediately inside 12 to 18 months. I agree with the latter evaluation, but whatever the real limit is, 2050 is not it.

2050 is a cop-out for those with the financial means to stay safe, with the luxury of averting disaster and criticism by saying what the people want to hear, but in reality, they’re biding their time and striking it rich. Lip service can be an expensive business. Expensive to us, but cheap for world leaders.

Photograph: NASA Photo and Video

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