Patagonia Has Very Powerful, Yet Simple Voting Advice

Activism has taken many forms, yet the approach of Patagonia has sent it to new heights by design. The environmentally friendly brand has made a statement in its clothing close to the place it is referring to.

Hidden in a pair of limited edition shorts is a message that speaks volumes. A message that irks the powers that be and massages the concerns and sentiments of those concerned about climate change.

Patagonia has a gallery of pro-environmental statement clothing and unapologetically lists a section of its website as ‘activism’. If you didn’t know the politics of this world-renowned company, you will do following a brief visit to their website. Clothing condemning big oil and statement t-shirts that say “protect our peaks” grace their recycled and repurposed designs. So what I am about to tell you should come as no surprise.

Stitched into a pair of limited edition shorts is a very simple, yet brief message to the ones who are rolling back environmental protections in order to make a very short term profit – “VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT” it reads.

Patagonia made a statement regarding the fashion easter egg by saying – yes, it is directed at the president and those intending to derail climatical progression.

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