New Music: Berna -‘Poppin”

A blend that is sure to delight both fans of Hip-Hop and Grime in a music world looking for balance and skill. Berna burns through a beat made of steel.

The Hip-Hop world has indeed gone through a thorough transformation. Some would say it feels like an overnight change that has both its pros and cons. Lyrical delivery and flow has somewhat changed over the years and this hasn’t always been to the taste many find appealing. But this can bring evolutions of change, and Berna certainly is one of them.

Riding a track of commendable production by Akaali, Poppin’ details Berna’s ascension to recognition that glides through a narrative of “I see it, I want it , I cop it”. And that is definitely what Berna will no doubt achieve should his offerings continue to be that of the likes of ‘Poppin’.

Poppin’ is available on all major streaming subscription platforms.

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