Belarus Added To Sanction List, Though Lukashenko Omitted

National turmoil has finally seen the EU approach the situation with sanctions though they fall short of determining Lukashenko as part of the problem.

The fallout from Lukashenko’s election result, widely accepted as a ‘rigged’ election has finally seen its European neighbours take action. Though the sanctions do little to ruin the credibility of Lukashenko, it will only empower a man who has been at the helm of the premier position for an astonishing 26 years. The President of Belarus has been omitted from sanctions, though that could change.

So far, 40 officials have been placed on a travel ban and have had their assets frozen, though it is yet to be disclosed why Aleksandr Lukashenko is not among the listed names.

Neighbours Georgia and Ukraine have also felt the force of a similar situation, which ultimately ended in conflict and a partitioning of the country due to minority separatist ideals held by some calling for allegiance to Russia.

The results of neighbouring Ukraine and Georgia’s elections continue in bloodshed, with more than 10,000 dead in stand-offs even with an inked ceasefire deal.

Belarus’ elections are the subject of major controversy, with forced disappearances and torture of both political opponents of the President and protestors calling for change at the highest level.

Photograph: mac_ivan

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