Review: Jazmine Sullivan Gets Vulnerable On ‘Lost One’

Jazmine Sullivan lays vocals as if her emotions did the talking in a track simmering through different eras, ultimately arriving to our own.

Composed of a thick air of sound, sultry and cafe-like, Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Lost One‘ is a ballad reminiscent of late summer nights. It wrangles with the topic of the one who got away, and even though that seems a repetitive mainstay in music (if not the make-up of music itself), Sullivan’s vocals tweak that requesting your time to listen to her thoughts.

Pangs of sadness are felt from the plucking of strings, its message is driven home by the delivery and instrumental arrangement. They themselves seem as though they’re looking for something, a detail of the track worth nothing, like a secret only you’re privy to.

The song makes its ideas known and falls shy of commanding appreciation upon first listen. The vocals in acapella are ruthlessly flawless, and the track appears intentionally finished in disharmony like the mind Sullivan is depicting, compounded by flutterings of echoed fingers slipping from guitar strings.

Sullivan comes across damaged herself, and anyone who has been through the same will appreciate this smoke-like window executed in song. It vividly portrays the envelope of depression and wants for another, both selfishly and unapologetic, in a song that makes you taste the feeling of regret, belonging and sombre attitudes of loss.