New Finds: AyiTe & KdotMelody Let Us Enter Their Abode In ‘My House’

Lockdown has been the downer we expected. Though in the face of such adversity comes new forms of melodious satisfaction we we’re not always privy to.

Yes, as bad as it feels to say, political upheaval and tough times generate a salmon run of masterful music, ready to be absorbed by those of us who have felt the brunt of such sadness.

AyiTe & KdotMelody finally get together for a track recorded in lockdown about the woes and isolation of the current era, tuning each other over a cloud-like production in what feels like perfect symmetry. This underappreciated gem feels more like a classic you’ve heard before, a sign of its quality flooding with lyrical overflow.

“I’d like to thank you for tapping into my frequency. So please take your shoes off and then proceed this way, to my house”

Throughout the internet, the Hip-Hop community feels more like a handful of soil, teeming with millions of artists ready to be discovered for beneficial ingestion. Though amongst the pedigree that is sure to be found out there, AyiTe & KdotMelody are ones to switch alerts on for.

My House is an organic medley of welcoming sound and Hip-Hop crème de la crème. This exceptional talent meets lockdown and conceives a wonder bar musical melting pot.

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