Covid-19 Vaccine Expected Within 3 Months

A report from the Times claims a vaccine for the Coronavirus strain, COVID-19, could be available within 3 months to be rolled out over Easter.

It is likely the most vulnerable will be given priority access to the jab in news that comes as a surprise with faster than anticipated results. Research has attracted widespread global interest to develop a countermeasure.

The EMA (The European Medicines Agency) announced it had begun a ‘rolling review’ of data from the producer AstraZeneca in collaboration with the University of Oxford. In a press statement, they said: “The start of the rolling review means that the committee has started evaluating the first batch of data on the vaccine, which come from laboratory studies (non-clinical data). This does not mean that a conclusion can be reached yet on the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, as much of the evidence is still to be submitted to the committee.”

The Times reported scientists hope to have the vaccine approved and rolled out “before the start of next year” to ensure “every adult could receive a dose within six months.”


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