Shuko, Nia Wyn, Kinkai – I Ain’t Finished Yet

Setting a laid-back tone you can easily imagine your own music video to, Shuko, Nia Wyn and Kinkai collaborate on a ballad that encapsulates the feeling of not letting go despite life’s great hurdles.

From the get-go, the sediments of I Ain’t Finished Yet layer a smooth yet, gritty feel that exhumes nostalgia. Its smooth snare-led soundscape turns a cog for each artist to deliver a verse, beginning with Nia Wyn, a singer-songwriter and gifted guitarist. Wyn leads the way with rolling sharp vocals and an especial pitch brooding with tonality.

Manchester-born rapper, Kinkai carves a path of his own following Wyn’s blues like chorus and flows unchallenged by Shuko’s production where he syncs perfectly with the beat. A track glazed with creative prowess, I Ain’t Finished Yet is a compact, concise two and a half minute song that won’t let go of your ears.