“We Need Wisdom” – Revisiting Year Old World Economic Forum Video On The Urgency To Halt Climatic Decline

Produced by the World Economic Forum and featuring Jane Goodall, Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough the video heightens focus on the urgency of climatic decline.

The climate emergency has all but been brushed off by the world. Each year we are seeing changes in Earth’s eco-system signalling the fall of biodiversity and habitat breakdown.

Years of neglect and a lack of environmental stewardship has left the idea to do good barren of action. A few good people still remain and that is exactly who high profile speakers call to action in a video now a year old.

In the video, speakers including Mark Sukkar of Aversa, UK say the “…human race produces more waste than it really should” which is compounded by a statement made by Heather Koldeway of National Geographic Society USA: “we only recycle 9% of all plastic”.

The video is a stark warning and testimony of the shame humankind has brought on itself. Jane Goodall begins her statement, which can be watched below, with “how is it possible the most influential being that ever walked the planet, is destroying its only home?”

Both derision and anger can be felt in a calmly worded testimony that lays out the facts for viewers to contemplate before David Attenborough signs off by saying “we need wisdom”. Though since the video was aired, little has been done to curb carbon emissions with the brunt of symptoms of climate breakdown being felt by developing nations.

In a recent statement, Attenborough led calls for the world to invest $500 billion annually into conservation efforts. The world currently spends $80-90 billion. He said: “The loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystems pose a major risk to human survival and development”….“It falls to all of us to act together, and urgently turn the Earth into a beautiful homeland for all creatures to live in harmony.”

Many leaders will listen, many are great merchants of PR, but since the Paris agreement was struck, no one is dragging their heels. They simply swapped shoes and left them behind.

Photograph: Rawpixel

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