Ghetts And Skepta Reprocess The Meaning Of IC3

Two of the UK’s finest MCs repurpose the meaning of IC3, a code used to identify black individuals by the police.

Grime’s most prolific artists converse on Ten Billion Dreams‘ snare snapping production, that sees them showcase yet another reason not to forget their skill.

Visually thought-provoking cover art compromising of Ghetts, fingerprints and a pair of handcuffs communicate well, the ideas contained within new single “IC3“.

Though it isn’t until the track, released during Black History Month, delivers sobering words for Britain’s unaware:

“Don’t tell me go back where I came from/While the Queen sits there in stolen jewels/Cool, I’ll go back with a chain on/And light up the place like Akon”

IC3 ft Skepta is out on all major platforms now.

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