SAINt JHN – ‘Gorgeous’ Review

SAINt JHN dropped new track ‘Gorgeous’, an ode to the finer things in life in the build-up to a new album due to drop later this month.

Beginning with an overused autotune, I instantly found myself sighing, thinking ‘not again’! SAINt JHN starts off on a sour note though as the track progresses it’s hook becomes infectiously catchy though reliant on its energy.

His flow cannot be faulted, as he glides over a beat you can sense belief in and his commitment to storytelling is apparent. Though the track delivers a hard flow and content you can visualise in a world he pits us against shamelessly, it is let down by an autotune that is just begging to be taken out the back and be put down.

There is no doubt you will find ‘Gorgeous‘ vibrating subwoofers to death on a track he delivers, but stylistically is beating a dead horse.

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