‘Apolonio’ Is Good Enough For Omar Apollo Fans

“Apolonio” is vibrating with passion and enough strumming and steam to squelch out of a sauna. Though it falls short of expectations.

Following on from 3 tracks already released this year that include “Kamikaze“, “Dos Uno Nueve” and “Stayback“, Apollo adds 6 more that will help us dip our feet in a pool for later efforts though fans will still be amazed.

As sultry as they are, Apollo switches up throughout “Apolonio” like on ‘Useless‘ where he strays from slow grind to upbeat guitar plays that briefly tickle with ’70s essence.

I’m Amazing‘ discusses past loves over muffled snares and candid lyrics accompanied by informal guitar plucks. Though as it gets going, it ends before it’s begun, a trait listeners will become familiar with as the album progresses.

On ‘Bi Fren‘ he reminisces over bygone eras through a bass-led excursion where he raps and briefly returns to the style he is known for. But again, we’re given a 2-minute long track that is more of a trailer before transitioning to ‘Two of Us‘, which, although attractive is once more – 2 minutes in length.

The album tries, and the 9 tracks (6 if you exclude what we’ve heard already), as short as they are, are like the contents of each – short but with quality.

The short durations we’re exposed to are more preview than album. In essence, this is more of a first-rate EP than a long-play though it dangles a carrot for something better Omar can no-doubt produce. There is no denying Apollo’s talent, but he’s got to give us much more than cliff notes.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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