Grime Artist YazMean Talks Beats, Rhymes & Battles

When you think of the music industry, it’s usually London that springs to mind. But overlooked by many are a plethora of talented artists that work outside the capital.

YazMean is an MC from Cardiff due to drop new material, so we spoke with the grime wizard about her music, life in Wales and what to expect from her next.

What’s your name, what do you do and where are you from?

YazMean, Rapper from Cardiff

Your music is dope, how do you describe it and what do you consider when shopping for beats?

Thank you, I’ll play some beats and well if it bangs then I know it’s for me. I Usually freestyle over it and see what first comes to mind if it got potential then I’ll use it. My style does change but I would say it’s slightly towards grime/trap but I also have been experimenting with my voice lately.

Tell me what the scene is like in Wales?

I mean, it could be better. It’s a very small scene – before Covid the music venues started to shut down anyway so theres not much opportunity here. I do f**k with other people but keep myself to myself most the time. 

You kill it in a battle, do you engage the scene on a regular basis?

Aw thanks, well that’s how I started really, I use to go to battle rap events with my friends and I jumped on a freestyle one night and literally slammed everyone … so I stuck at it around Cardiff. I didn’t do anything for about 4 years then until Don’t Flop hit me up so I started up again. I just do it for the fun really I’m not walking around like “I’m the best mc in the world”. I definitely prefer the funny side to battle rap, I like to get creative with the bars and schemes.

What’s your favourite time of day to record?

Night time. Although you can’t fault a cheeky all-dayer.

What’s your favourite track you’ve recorded and why?

DEFINITELY one from my new E.P which is out soon (wink) i’d say my favourite is either “Cream” or “Avenue” so keep your eyes peeled.

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?

Giggs, Ghetts, Jae 5

When can we expect new music from you?

In the next month or two, I’ve also been working on a collaborative EP, with the Ladies of Rage

How would you describe the scene now vs when you first started recording?

When I started I didn’t know any other females but over the last few years we’ve grown a female collective called Ladies of Rage, So through that all the galdem are connected and we’re sort of a sisterhood and we got each other like that. We’ve created a safe place for women to feel comfortable whilst spitting.

You’re a graphic designer too, I checked out your work and it’s impressive. Are there any other skills you have we should know about?

Big up, Hmm yeh I’m definitely a creative – I’d like to say cooking. I love playing with spices and figuring out new dishes

Who is playing on your Spotify playlist right now?

Krept & Konan, Burna Boy, Doja Cat, J Hus. Skeppy (pretty standard really)

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