Petition Gains Momentum To Scrap Free Meals For British Lawmakers

Following the government’s shameless rejection of free school meals, one member of the public has sought to highlight the government’s hypocrisy.

Marcus Rashford has been a lifeline in the fight against child and family poverty. For those in financial hardship, school meals can stretch budgets beyond manageable levels. This is where the government can make a huge difference to the lives of millions and current parliamentary attitudes seem a far cry from constituent representation.

One person has sought to change that by shaming the hypocrisy of British lawmakers. Portia Lawrie, a seamstress from Essex has launched a petition garnering more than 800,000 signatures.

In a tweet she said:

In 2018/19, catering costs in the House of Commons stood at an extraordinary £2.6 million. Although it is not only MPs who use the commons catering service, lawmakers are still provided meals free of charge.

The petition now stands at 851,018 signatures, which means the government must respond to the demands laid out by the organiser.

You can sign the petition on 38 Degrees here.

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