Nia Wyn Teams Up With R.A.E. On New Track ‘Muzzle’

Nia Wyn brings a chest of lyrical sails and produces a style that is fitting of the time. The singer teams up with rapper R.A.E. on new track ‘Muzzle‘.

Brimming with bass and strings that jettison us into a plucky theme that deals with the strenuous difficulties of daily grinds, the duo effuse with ease, an upbeat affirmation of their chemistry.

Wyn said of the release: “I wrote Muzzle about working a 9-to-5 and how it can grind you down, and the desire to quit that office life and pursue my music full-time. I wanted to represent that even if things are going well and you’re making progress, the impact of mental health issues and comparing yourself to others can lead to a lot of self-doubt. The idea of ‘someone get me a muzzle’ is that often I’ve vocalised this but then I get paranoid that I’ve said too much.”

Filled with variable vocals throughout, ‘Muzzle‘ entertains through a switch up of styles but also content we find ourselves nodding in agreement with.

R.A.E. valiantly enters the track, spitting out a fun romp of rhymes that continue over the tempo of Nia Wyn’s accomplished guitar work: “Everybody sees her stumble, her mental health decaying on the double, she needs a cuddle, evidently there’s trouble under the rubble” before Wyn picks off where R.A.E. finishes corroborating: “So I keep moving on, shall I keep schtum, keep it to myself, or buy myself a megaphone”.

The work rate on ‘Muzzle‘ is of a high standard accentuating the normalities of overwork and the death of mental capacity that in essence is the hamster wheel of social and daily norms. The 9-5 grind is the modernised version of factory work and Nia Wyn and R.A.E. brilliantly encapsulate this sentiment.

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