Riz Ahmed Shares New Song And Video “Once Kings”

Rapper/actor verbalises his frustration with societal constructs and reveals an inner battle in present times.

Riz Ahmed released new track ‘Once Kings‘ which he describes as his most personal work to date. The multidisciplinarian discharges a world of emotion over a sombre beat which he carries well from verse to verse.

“It’s about events forcing you to face what really matters; fame or family, success or spirituality, the pressure and desire to represent your people or the need to preserve your own health and well being. I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling of re-thinking their priorities, during this pandemic.”

Once Kings – Riz Ahmed

The new song, almost 4 minutes in length offers depth and room for contemplation delving deep into the psyche and portrays well the sentiments of most south Asians. In a complex white world where identity and picking the right mask will get you everywhere, negative mental health can drag a person down further when you’re forced to be someone you’re not.

The track features clips from his new movie “Mogul Mowgli“, utilising sharp visuals and historical footage.

Ahmed said of the track – “This is the most personal track I have ever made, drawn from the same experiences that inspired the film Mogul Mowgli”.

Due to the global pandemic, Ahmed cancelled upcoming shows but has announced a one-off performance for his 2020 album “The Long Goodbye” which can be live-streamed on December 19th.

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