Yewghi – ‘Rust (A Solo’s Journey)’: An Alternative To Hip-Hop’s Conventional Pathways

Hammering vocals into a unique sound that deserves appreciation, Yewghi traps beats with his hypnotic flow which although could be misunderstood, is definitely a sound that stands on its own for all the right reasons.

His videos even reflect that sentiment brushing with an ethereal landscape that utilises basic video composition where the rapper kick starts visuals to reflect his music.

Releasing a 7 track effort, ‘Rust (A Solo’s Journey)‘ where he glides almost apathetically with purpose into each production, rolling from track to track – it impresses. The best way I can describe this is that it feels as though an energy vampire decided to record with style for all the right reasons. It may not be for everyone, but it is a piece of art deserving of a bigger platform.

On ‘Contrition‘ he tracks through elements of remorse and the influences that pushed him into doing things he regrets. ‘Paces‘ picks up on a jumbled beat with high-quality sampling. ‘Gut Moves‘ details his need to prove himself where a staggered beat emphasises questions of life’s adventure, be it light or dark.

Though ‘Rust (A Solo’s Journey)‘ definitely doesn’t fall under the category for album, we will review it as such. It is filled with quality beats, flow and rhyme but with tracks lasting 1 minute 30 to 2 minutes each it falls way off the mark for being able to showcase the talents he is capable of. An album needs to provide a deeper understanding of the work to be able to help the listener grasp a hold of the artist’s philosophy.

The duration of each track contains the feeling of previewing work on Apple Music or Spotify and at 15 minutes total it is more a teaser trailer for a movie.

That said, the content is of a high standard and trashes the notion of sticking to conventional practices that most will seek to stand by in the Hip-Hop scene. Gallantly taking a different approach, Yewghi has demonstrated a sound idea of independence.

We feel 5 stars can only be achieved by providing all listeners something they can appreciate and by providing a diverse set of instrumentation and subject matter. Since we began covering music, only Black Thought has achieved this so far by drilling home such a feat with not only style but lyricism.

Yewghi’s content is virtually flawless and the artist is adept at his craft. So in this instance, we will award it the following due only to its extremely short duration. Overall, it impresses and we can’t wait to hear more from him.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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