Data Marks October 2020 Fourth Hottest On Record

It is an unfortunate fact to behold. The apathy of many taints the happenings of what is yet to come for climate breakdown clothed by ignorance and a desire for a return to normality.

October 2020 was the fourth hottest since records began according to NASA and NOAA reports. The demo of such an anomaly can be felt almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere and continually throughout the global south where its effects are felt first.

Local berries such as blackberries are fruiting earlier and worldwide phenology is changing and has affected the migratory and breeding patterns of different species of animal. These shifts, which cannot be sufficiently measured due to the variables in climatic changes, may cause more issues due to their intermittent behaviour.

The NCEI (National Centres For Environmental Information) also reports that 2020 is set to displace 2016 as the warmest year on record. There is a nearly 30% chance this will happen, and with monthly data still returning alarming results, it might be that this becomes an unfortunate reality.

Photograph: Daria Devyatkina

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