Super Rich Can Ride Out The Floods Of Climate Change Aboard Their Superyachts. No Wonder They’re Not Bothered.

Climate Change – by the rich, for a yacht! Uncomfortable climatic conditions created by the rich are now little more than a mild bother considering the resources at the disposal of the 1%.

When the climate apocalypse comes calling, the theme tune for most of us will be Total Desaster by Destruction  or, if we’re lucky, maybe UB40’s The Earth Dies Screaming, as we drift away from loved ones clinging to a toilet door on a sea of sewage. 

The Billionaires however, will be serenaded to safety by the mellow Magic FM sounds of Rod Stewart’s We Are Sailing or Float On by the aptly named Floaters as they and their families weigh anchor and smugly glide over troubled waters on their Mega/Superyachts.

It’s no wonder the world’s richest 1%, who have caused double the CO2 emissions of the world’s poorest 50%, seem unphased by climate change, when they have made preparations for self preservations out of the money made sending the rest of us to extinction.

Sales of Superyachts capable of sustaining life on the high seas for extended periods, equipped with armed military-trained security to neutralise the desperate clambering hoards and safe rooms for the owners to hide in, in the event of boarding, are on the increase. The consistently peddled line is that the rich buy yachts to show their wealth and to project power. This is true and in the days when we were obliviously hotting-up the atmosphere, it was the key reason for purchases. But now, survival has entered as a driver, conveniently excusing the extravagant blowing of filthy climate destruction lucre while distancing the owners from the consequences.

Now I’m not going to claim billionaires are saying out loud “I’m gonna get me a superyacht to survive the climate change hoax.” when they click “Super Yacht quantity 1  – BUY NOW” on Amazon or however, they get them. But I struggle to believe that when their children come home traumatised by conversations about melting and flooding, asking “Is the world going to end soon?”, billionaire parents don’t reassure them in a heartbeat with,  “Not for us honey, we’ll get a massive boat to live in.”. The story of Noah’s ark is, after all, declassified information.

The fact that the super-rich and yacht companies never mention the obvious climate calamity dodging qualities of big boats (a quick Google search reveals little more than virtue signalling efforts of yacht owners and builders to reduce fuel and plastic use) leads me to believe it’s one of the key reasons fuelling sales increases. If it’s raining, you get an umbrella, never mind you made it rain.

Without immediate game-changing green government policy compelling the super-rich to cut carbon emissions in their businesses and supply chains, they will continue to dream of sailing off into the sunset while we are forced to lie our children to sleep with tales of a future that they may never see.

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