Why The Covid-19 Vaccine Is A Safe Bet

The world is now on the verge of returning to normality, albeit a few more months of facemask wearing. But in the foreground, there is still chitter chatter regarding the viability and safety of the new covid vaccine. But are they just?

Without beating around the bush, let’s jump into some of the theories that are not only flawed but rooted in pseudoscience and misinformation.

The virus was NOT manufactured in a lab

Contrary to popular belief this is absolutely not the case. There are still thousands of viruses out there perching on a ledge looking at us undiscovered and it just so happens Covid-19 was one of them. Although its exact origins cannot be accounted for, this does not mean it was created in a lab by sinister scientists, nor does it mean it is an experimental bioweapon created by the military.

Viruses can go undetected for years, even millennia and for the latest coronavirus to be as effective as it is, it needs to have evolved and adapted as does the flu virus every year.

The pandemic is NOT part of a global depopulation programme

Believe it or not, pandemics are a threat to national security which in turn poses a serious threat to global stability and world order. Without any research we can debunk this using sound logic and an unfortunate truth.

Corporations and small businesses rely on the purchasing power of its customers and without people the economy will tank. Without billions of people populating the world regulating the current system of economics there can be no customers and large companies exploiting workers for cheap labour. They will not be able to sell you items at rock bottom prices and/or slightly overpriced products that will force you to borrow money.

So in short – this is not the agenda of some shady group. Capitalism is the unfortunate game of the world and it makes no sense to stifle income to the detriment of the rich and powerful (as much as it pains me to say that).

A so-called depopulation programme makes little sense. No people, means no cheap labour or profit. A pandemic works to falter productivity and capitalism and does not promote it. Lastly, as we’ve seen over the past year – control/trust of the public has been deeply lost. A pandemic works against any system of governance.

Vaccines are very much safe

The argument that it causes biological and developmental complications is largely rooted again in a so-called ‘depopulation agenda’. The truth is, there are more metals and toxins in tuna, salmon, vegetables and in other foods including fast-food and snacks.

The very air we breathe is more dangerous than any mercury contained within a vaccine. But in any jab are simply trace amounts (meaning it is so small that it cannot be measured) of organomercury. This means it is of an organic kind and not artificial. The WHO has monitored it for decades and has virtually guaranteed its safety. Some people may experience allergic reactions to vaccines, but this can occur with anything including peanut butter and dust.

We can thank capitalists for decade long vaccine trials – NOT necessarily safety

The development of any vaccine comes down to two things – funding and skill. In the grip of a global pandemic where lives are being ruined, livelihoods are being destroyed and economies are collapsing – cooperation is key.

Vaccines take years to approve simply because of investor dillydallying wondering whether it is worth their time. Financing a vaccine is a gamble and whether it will work as millions are plundered into research and development renders it a risk. While some can take more than 20 years for good reason, most do not. In this case, many groups worked together to enhance the vaccine allowing researchers to spot troubleshome patterns and weak outcomes resulting in fast turnarounds.

Covid-19 has ripped apart the lives of billions which means investment in this vaccine is a no-brainer. In this case, the risk has paid off and a viable remedy to the pandemic is now available proving the benefits of cooperation and hopefully an overhaul to the vaccine industry.

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