The Countdown To Climate Breakdown Is Hastened By Corporate Thinking

Current Climate goals are a simple portrayal to do good without doing much.

Since the age of social media, trends have slowly gripped the minds of all who dwell in its dominion, succumbing to hypnotic flows and visuals to be seen and validated. Not much is different in the world of climate change and this is the problem.

Climate breakdown should not be tackled like a vlog with a product to review. We’re dealing with phenomena brought about by artificial changes to lifestyles, politics and the need to consume more while knowingly disregarding the impacts of such a treacherous itinerary of daily schedules.

Governments are propping up arbitrary targets to recede emissions and to go net-zero by 2050. But by then, things will have already taken a tumble into the unknown negative of carbon suffocation.

Corporate entities are also jumping on this bandwagon. Apple are lodging bids to become carbon neutral but are directly impacting the environment in a for-show farce to reduce the packaging of their products.

They recently stopped selling charging cables and headphones with their flagship product – iPhone, to achieve this. All this does is foster a need by customers to buy said missing accessories, thereby increasing revenue and emissions at the same time. This is a selfish move by Apple, one that may influence other companies to follow suit, as almost all business models follow Apple’s lead.

There is little less than 7 years to reverse carbon impacts and to cease emissions altogether. Engaging in a pissing contest for selfish means is a detriment to civilisation and until companies begin to look at the science to understand what is really happening (and I suspect very little has been gleaned) we will continue to swim in a tide that is as silent as it is violent.

Photograph: afagen 

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