Gup-Shup: Ayite Drops New Track ‘Legacy’ And Tells Us More About His Music

We stumbled upon the talent of Ayite as he debuted his track alongside counterpart KDot Melody for an instant classic ‘My House‘ filled with a familiar sound and polished flow. It signalled a sound of intent and that passion enshrined on the beats of Johnny Ellis continues in new offering ‘Legacy‘, produced by Joss Ryan.

Legacy‘ is an incredible track, as dope as everything that came before it. Ayite’s energy and talent, present on every track he touches is consistent, so it’s no gamble to say that his successive efforts will be nothing short of that. We caught up with the hard-working rapper to find out more about the man behind the myth.

You’ve just released a new track ‘Legacy’, can you tell us what it’s about and where did its roadmap begin?

Legacy is about wanting to make an impact on the world and be remembered for your achievements after you’re gone. Funny enough it was initially just meant to be like a promotional freestyle but when I performed it for Joss he was like we HAVE to release this as a proper single. 

How did you come to work with the producer ‘Joss Ryan’ and have you collaborated together in the past?

My cousin introduced us years ago. We got talking at this party and realised we were into a lot of the same music so we met up a while later for a session and just clicked! We’ve been working on material solidly for the last couple and released our first single together ‘Practice/Preach’ back in March. We’re sitting on so many tracks right now so you can expect to hear more fire next year. 

You’re from North London, how has it shaped your music?

Well I’ve lived in London for the last 9 years but I actually grew up in Poole/Bournemouth down in Dorset. I feel like being from that area gives me a unique perspective that most people aren’t used to hearing in rap. I think my lyrical content is the way it is due to my upbringing back home but the sound is very much influenced by London living. It’s got a grit and rawness to it. 

I’d rather the follow up track was about freedom as opposed to being locked up!

Your work has a plethora of musical elements. What other genres do you find sway your compositional direction?

I love classic soul, disco and Motown. Stuff like Marvin, Minnie Riperton, Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire. I definitely try to inject that soulful element into my own music wherever I can. I’m just a fan of good songwriting. If I’m feeling emotional I might stick on The Smiths or Jeff Buckley also. 

You released ‘My House’ not long ago and it seems like it will be relevant for some time. What inspired you to work on it and will there be a part two considering the new tier system?

So Kdot, the guy I feature on it with came up with the concept for that one. We’d been planning to do something together for a minute and he sent that over to me right in the middle of the first lockdown. It came at a perfect time too because I had serious writer’s block and couldn’t get inspired but hearing what he’d done with the track pulled me straight out of it. I guess there could be a part two at some point. I’d rather the follow up track was about freedom as opposed to being locked up! 

Taking it overseas is 100% a long term goal of mine

What music are you vibing to right now?

I just started listening to REASON’s album. He’s a Cali rapper on TDE. Also, my mate just told me to check out Duckwrth’s new album so I’m jumping on that next. 

Who are your influences and who would you say is underrated right now?

My influences really range from Kano to Kendrick to James Blake, Frank Ocean, Tyler etc. Growing up I was equally into Grime as I was HipHop and neo-soul so I’ve always wanted to try and marry the two and I appreciate artists like Che Lingo and Kojey Radical who are able to blend very diverse genres and styles like that. I feel like there are a lot of great artists getting overlooked right now. There’s a girl called BXKS who’s putting out some really dope stuff. CR Blacks is a super talented artist that a lot of people are sleeping on. Also, I’ve been hearing some incredible stuff coming from Shaé Univers. I guarantee you’ll be hearing her name a LOT next year. 

Do you have any rituals or routines before or after a recording/writing session?

I think my main thing to do prior to a session is just to sit and chill with the person I’m recording with for a while. We could be playing each other tracks we like, music we’ve been working on or chatting about random stuff we find interesting. I find it helps create a comfortable environment and sparks off ideas. 

What are your long-term plans for music and can you see yourself pushing your work abroad?

At the moment I’m just taking it year by year. There are a few things I want to achieve next year like appearing on certain platforms, releasing an EP etc. Taking it overseas is 100% a long term goal of mine. I guess right now that has to be done virtually but as soon as things start getting back to normal I’ll be looking to do some proper shows. 

Can we expect a studio album?

At some point definitely. Right now I’m doing the groundwork to get to the stage where people actually want to hear a full-length project from me. Putting out a full body of work is a lot of work so I want it to feel earned when I eventually do. 

Photography: Ty Faruki

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