Review: Tobe Nwigwe’s ‘Cincoriginals’

This is rhyming talent in the shape of Tobe Nwigwe’s ‘Cincoriginals’. Chock full of hypnotic vocals and bass lit productions it drugs the mind into accepting his succinct verbalisations. Though it ceases to be as time goes on.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Opening up on ‘Eat‘ he wastes no time dithering about his talent as he lights it up alongside ‘Fat‘ with lyrical arrows that dish out the necessary ingredients to chomp up potential competitors.

“To treat rappers like a napkin after I’ve pissed on commodes
Then I wipe what’s on the toilet, can’t decipher if you know”

There is a problem with ‘Cincoringals‘, in the sense, it is part of a growing trend of anti-vaxxers’ whereby Nwigwe professes on ‘Tundah Fiyah“Do ya’ll research, don’t just get your baby vaccinated”. Whether this is a veiled statement to assert his belief in avoiding vaccinations is not known, though nevertheless, it is a dangerously irresponsible thing to say in a time where many are saying goodbyes to loved ones. Bringing on Royce The 5’9 to extrapolate on ‘Father Figure‘ (also featuring Black Thought) to claim “We celebrate, they’ll vaccinate, you separate, they assassinate Weapons mastered” only solidifies this notion. It highlights the growing spread of misinformation rife in society, dealing damage beyond repair, these lines will irritate many who have done their research.

The album flows like a continuous stream that colludes with each track that came before it, striking and marrying in perfect partnership. Though it can become slightly dry, as is experienced on several tracks including ‘Truth‘, ‘Purple Rain Thing‘ and ‘Father Figure‘ where it repeats a node of production that feels more and more monotonous as the album progresses. Ironically, ‘Father Figure’ got me excited about the album’s release, though proved to be part of a trifle of tracks that deliver similar sounds.

Fortunately, ‘Cincoriginals‘ is saved by it’s written efforts, one delivered well by the artist and those that feature alongside him. But if he is to succeed in future in shooting a classic down the ears of those seeking more, Tobe Nwigwe will need to diversify his production and remedy the musical tone for any future releases. Although this album is indeed one you can bop your head to, it will probably not be remembered.

For anyone looking to understand more about vaccines, you can start here with an article by Healthline who offer a comprehensive line of articles with references to studies and papers based on the subject. Full Fact’s line of features that aim to clear up misconceptions about vaccines can also be found here and here.

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