Treasure – ‘Nostalgia: The Prelude’ Is A Welcome Canvas

Soaped with the intention to do no battles with himself or others, Treasure’s new release ‘Nostalgia: The Prelude’ is a train ride of an eclectic synergy of sounds.

Entering with the first of many audios, Treasure’s EP presents us with the intro ‘Let me‘ filled with an oily saxophone reminiscent of residual hauntings. An echoed presence that feels as though it is treading upon a stairway of piano keys it softens ears for what is to come before entering the next track ‘Tell you‘ where sultry elements of his woodwind accomplice glide behind Treasure’s voice over a slowly paced energetic rhythm.

Remember Me‘ picks a speed of optimism laced with soft snares and clever mixing until the baton is passed to ‘Isolation‘, a relaxed effort germinating with carefully picked synths and radically challenged vocals that fall well unto whoever listens. It is sure to be one of those tracks someone in passing will ask ‘who is this?

Treasure’s last two listings ‘Acceptance‘ and ‘Trauma‘ are as experimental as they come for such a genre and although autotune can be a boresome story, Treasure actually uses it well and correctly.

The efforts Treasure has gone to and the appropriate length of time ‘Nostalgia: The Prelude‘ lasts truly earns him the title of artist. His ideas to venture deep into a methodology of investigational corridors has paid off and he handles each ingredient with ease and comfort, evident in the quality of each track. This is a first-class outing priming listeners for what appears to be a firework of upcoming music. This is a definite cradle of a symphony and creative ember that comes together before you even realise it is in full swing.

Photography: Tobi

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