New Finds: Singer/Songwriter – Josh Vine

With songs of epic proportion, Josh Vine conveys an emotional rollercoaster with tremendous aptitude for songwriting and instrumental talent.

The Water‘ is a barrage of splendid wonder in the form of guitar riffs, thrashing drums and feelings beyond just dealing with them. Josh Vine curates an insane volume of diversity of sound, genre and subject matter but ultimately remains within the spectrum of so much more.

Other singles including ‘Ghost‘ which tread the topic of mental health and a lack of control one has over it are laid bare. Vine tames us with the quirks, attitudes and behaviours we all correlate with in attempting to deal with crises which he succinctly paints into the tune of a room we can imagine.

The artist’s vivid songwriting skills roll back a veil of losing a sense of things and beautifully epitomizes what he feels into something we all can. His latest release is ‘How Many Times‘ which you can listen to below.

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