Big Baby Donald Trump Blimp Taken In By Museum Of London

The Trump blimp was recognized as a symbol of importance during the London protests against Trump’s administration and decision making.

It is a symbol of the London protests, the blimp created by a group of anti-Trump protestors in response to what has been seen as largely regressive policymaking. Known as the ‘Trump baby blimp team’, they got to work during the protests of 2018 seeking to highlight the mindstate of the president, honing in on his tantrum like persona. The team behind what is now labelled as a work of art said:

“While we’re pleased that the Trump Baby can now be consigned to history along with the man himself, we’re under no illusions that this is the end of the story. We hope the baby’s place in the museum will stand as a reminder of when London stood against Trump – but will prompt those who see it to examine how they can continue the fight against the politics of hate”.

The blimp is now widely recognised by people on both sides of the political spectrum, motivating far-right protestors to create their own resembling Sadiq Khan, though it was mainly seen as a sign of a bigoted agenda, prompting critics to decry its presence in the air with some lawmakers taking it a step further to poke fun at the mayor’s religious beliefs.

The Museum of London commented on their latest acquisition saying:

By collecting the baby blimp we can mark the wave of feeling that washed over the city that day and capture a particular moment of resistance – a feeling still relevant today as we live through these exceptionally challenging times – that ultimately shows Londoners banding together in the face of extreme adversity.”

Photograph: MykReeve

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