A Brief State Of The Climate

Earth’s climate is in a downward spiral. In a time of uncertainty, optimism is waning through a lack of action and misconstrued data.

The climate is in disarray and momentum to protect Earth’s vital mechanics is dwindling under the chaos of covid-19. In amongst the tornado, notability of what carbon emissions are doing to the planet is going unnoticed amongst a sea of dichotomous havoc perpetuated by the outliers of society – us.

I feel no shame in bringing attention to the climatic downpours of negative tidal changes to the Earth’s environment. Just as we experienced the open suntan bed of summer’s unexpected laser beam like attacks on temperatures, so too, is winter, bringing dramatic shifts towards deleterious harbingers of doom.

Flooding and unpredictable waves of winter weather have continuously harmed global ecology. Animals are beginning to change migratory patterns based on global changes including sharks who have sought new waters due to increasing oceanic temperatures that have acidified waters causing multiple changes that will jolt a cascading extinction of food chains. This is will also bring about devastation on land.

The Australian bushfires were made more likely due to climate change as have locust swarms inspired by cyclones germed by an unusual amount of lush vegetation growth. There is so much more to contemplate. Bee colony collapse, millions of deaths caused by air pollution, coral reef death and drought are but a few things to worry about.

The science offers an innate call to repair of environmental destruction, though the inevitability of such measures remains swept up in uncertainty. Pundits such as Bill Gates remain simple cheerleaders to counter climate offensives. As he prepares to release a book of selected options to avoid climate catastrophe, he continues investing in oil and private jet options. He is also one of the world’s biggest so-called ‘super emitters‘.

Britain’s alleged push to reduce carbon emissions were also dealt a huge blow as a plan to open a regressive coal mine were pushed forward. The Cumbria deep coal mine was announced to open to full production in 2023 as the UK plans to host the UN climate summit this year. This decision is not only embarrassing but alongside long-term covid measures is evidence that the government has no clue what it is doing.

The executive director of Greepeace John Sauven said: “Greenlighting the UK’s first new deep coal mine in 30 years is the last thing you’d expect from the host government of the next major climate summit.”

“It’s like giving a tax break to Big Tobacco before hosting a global public health conference. ‘Do as we say not as we do’ can’t be the government slogan for the Glasgow summit. Britain really does need to lead by example or it won’t lead at all.

“Ministers are still in time to call in the decision and block the mine before it buries the government’s climate credentials under a ton of coal.”

Elsewhere in the completely out of touch world of billionaire boys lies a stroke of genius with regards to marketing false positions (greenwashing). Jeff Bezos is stepping down from his position of CEO of Amazon, though before announcing his intention, Amazon released a string of adverts promising green growth and vehicle management. Though they’re producing an alleged 100,000 strong fleet of wheels, there remains an issue – most of their delivery women and men are contracted out and it remains to be seen whether these vehicles will be offered to them. 100,000 vehicles will not cover the sheer volume Amazon dispatch of cardboard and waste that must also be regulated.

Photograph courtesy of Oxfam International

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