Interview: Hongza Talks Origins, Style And New Music

Singer/songwriter Hongza drops new work today and if his prior material is anything to go by we’re in for a real treat.

Flowing with nostalgia, singer/songwriter Hongza has generated a king size tempo of music as he readies the release of new material today. With a style remeniscient of ’90’s indie-pop, the North London artist has enough meat tucked away in the few songs he has released so-far.

In celebration of his new single ‘Accolades’, we talked to the man himself about his work, inspirations and discoveries.

What catalysed your love for music and what should people know about you?

I fell in love with the look of people that played guitar and that were in rock bands at a young age! Seeing Drake & Josh & Busted on TV always made me want to be that kid that was in a band when I was 8. People should know that my music will make them feel like they’re in a coming of age movie.

What inspires your music and who influences you as an artist?

There’s such a wide range of music that influences me, I’m a massive fan of 90’s shoegaze bands like Ride and My Bloody Valentine, as well as indie bands like The 1975, Jaws & Peace

How would you describe your style?

I guess my style could be described as Indie! I love wearing smart-casual trousers with a tucked-in t-shirt or a baggy jumper.

You have an EP out soon, can you tell us more about it and is there a particular theme?

My EP is called Gen Z and is all about Gen Z topics. Social media, dating & having an identity Crisis growing up. It’s definitely a coming of age soundtrack if you like guitars drenched in reverb and catchy chorus then you’ll love my EP

Do you have a favourite song you’ve recorded and why?

I love all of them! But I think the stand out track for me is probably Identity Crisis because it’s so personal to me. It’s all about me growing up feeling like an outcast because of my skin colour & not feeling comfortable in my skin but eventually loving myself because I found my voice due to not knowing who I am.

What activities/interests do you have aside from music that you feel help creatively?

I’d say filming videos & photoshoots help my creativity, my photographer really knows how to get raw rock & roll photos out of me. 

What presumptions of the music industry did you have before entering and how do you feel about it now?

That it’s all glamorous and people in the music industry are rich and famous. It’s really not, there’s not a lot of money in music especially as a musician unless you’re at the top of the ladder, you really have to grind your way up there. It’s 20% talent 80% work ethic.

What does your workflow look like during a recording session and are there any things you want/don’t want to change?

During a recording session it’s pretty interesting when recording the EP. It was 4 days of sitting around and recording, spending 5 hours on each part for 4 songs. I’m not the biggest fan of the studio because it’s a lot of sitting around and waiting but it’s amazing to hear the final product from all the waiting.

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?

There are so many artists! I’d love to work with Beabdooebee, I think our music styles would line up quite well. Yungblud cause he’s got so much energy, I’d love to see what he’s like in the studio & Matty Healy from The 1975 because he is a lyrical genius 

Are there any signs of an album in the works?

Not yet! I’m working on 2 more EP’s before the album 

Photography: Ty Faruki

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