Amalie Bryde – ‘Say What It Is’ (Official Video)

A strikingly honest track, Amalie Bryde delivers yet another touching piece of music.

Say What It Is‘ is an entrancing experience driving home the importance of self-love before the need to accept the love of others. With a video that creatively captures the inner sanctums of relationships and what it means to be within one, Amalie Bryde delivers passion through powerful vocals laced with a need to probe and discover.

Intimately portraying experience, it equally packs the ambiguity of relationships within a video that matches the content of its smooth production and vocal delivery.

A press release reads: “Say What It Is’ soundtracks a desperate plea for forgiveness to a former partner. Amalie’s ethereal vocals are filled with melancholy as she pines for reconciliation, before the track’s stripped-back production builds to a dreamy crescendo that sees her cry for love become a cry for help.”

Speaking of the track, Bryde said: “Wanting a relationship to work is important. Not giving up is key. But, when you’re desperate that’s when things start to get blurry. I so dangerously wanted him back that I started to lose connection to myself. I had to forgive and love myself first before the relationship had a chance to keep body and soul together.”

An interview with the artist is coming soon.

Understand the track below:

Support the artist here:

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