Interview: Bobbie Johnson’s Evolution Is More Than Just Words

Bobbie Johnson is a rapper based in Brighton known for her works including ‘You and I‘ and her latest release, the ‘Defier EP‘.

Having been through a handful of changes and maintaining a high standard of material, she is accepting what comes and trusting her instincts. We caught up with Bobbie to see what was, and what is coming.

Its been a minute since we heard from you, where have you been and what have you been up to?

I’ve kind of been quiet for ages until a few years ago, and then I started releasing quite a few singles at the end of last year. I love doing projects but it’s just finding the time.

Your delivery is flawless and the content is dope and it all comes across well meditated. How would you describe your style?

Spitting wise I would say Andre 3000, Kendrick and some of the old UK Hip-Hop classics like Jehst. I think that emotionally the influence has always been that music has been a vessel for me.

What was your earlier style like?

Oh, aggressive haha! Really angry, my earlier stuff was ANGRY! Haha Anger, a lot of emotions and going through a lot of sh*t.

If you don’t mind me asking, where do you think that came from?

A lot of drama and horribleness in my teens, it’s weird because back then I just couldn’t stop thinking about stuff, it was really raw then, it was really really raw. Yeah, I was just really angry back then.

What prompted the name change?

Well, Bobbie is my name, because my real name is Robin, my mum would always call me Bo. It was, to be honest, I felt like my old name was so attached to that person, the angriness.

What would you say is different about you now compared to then?

I think my work is a lot more like poetry now, I know how to write songs better, whereas back then I was kind of overthinking whereas now I kind of like got to the point where it’s more natural and I don’t need to use the best of words. Everything is a bit more gentle, a bit more flow and pace. Generally with music, especially Hip-Hop, for me anyway I need to start evolving who I am now, I need my music to evolve from where I am now and I need to do the things that reflect me now.

When you make a song, do words come first or music or the other way around?

Before it was all about bars whereas now it’s beats first. A lot of the time its hooks and I will mumble out the flow. So, yeah, words are last now haha. When you have a structure in place and filled a beat you will then start finding places to fit everything else, so I quite like that now.

In the song ‘Problems’ the music and delivery is laid back, but the lyrics contrast. Would you say that’s an acceptance of everyday problems?

It’s kind of a p*ss-take ha ha. It’s quite a deep song but a lot of what I’m saying is.

It’s a happy delivery though, isn’t it?

For real, I’m not taking it all too seriously. It was accepting that everyone has problems, but sometimes we’re too involved and no one wants to do anything about them.

You’re from Stevenage, how did it inspire your way into music and what did the scene look like that nudged you into the game?

I think back then I was young, a lot of people were mc’ing and I wanted to be a rapper haha. There was a scene nearby in Luton, and we had a little record shop nearby, haha it was so random, in this little market town there was an underground UK hip-hop store. I would save up my pocket money just so I could buy vinyl. But, I think when I moved to Brighton, that’s when I really started to take things more seriously and moved on with my music. And then I ended up in Reading!

How do you think the scene has changed in Brighton since you first moved here?

A lot! It is very Uk Hip-Hop here and its evolved a lot especially now there are a lot of younger artists coming up. There are some sick rappers blowing up at the moment. Its got a London feel, but with the Brighton essence.

Going forward, how do you see yourself advancing?

I think I am in my third stage but this stage feels more authentic. Not to say it wasn’t before, but growing up you care about what people think, what they say. Whereas now I am more authentic to myself, my true self. Whereas, where I’m at now I feel more settled and I’m really excited to make music.

With regards to your music now, how would you describe it now?

I don’t know really, it’s just mellow there are a lot of hype ones, I still love partying, jumping around on stage and stuff, but I really enjoy making the music. It’s a lot more calm. I love connecting and getting wavey with people.

A lot of people are doing online performances, do you think that’s temporary or is it here to stay?

I hope not! Haha! I can’t deal with it. It doesn’t feel very fulfilling, I understand why people are doing it for sure and it’s important but, can’t do it, man.

What can you tell us about new music?

I’m probably going to release a single in 2 or 3 months, I just released one last week and I am working on another with quite a Hip-Hop vibe, it’s mellow, a little more like I used to do. Production-wise, it’s a little like Missy, Kanye.

Are you producing it?


When can we expect that to drop?

You can expect those ones around Autumn time.

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