Northern Ireland Situation Will Open Old Wounds

Northern Ireland was desecrated by what seemed to be an unending cloud of conflict and struggle perpetuated by political unrest.

Northern Ireland continues to wrestle with civil unrest that points to the broken promises of Brexit. There have, in the last few years been small turns of problems evolving into the resurgence of hostile activity which many fear could resurrect insurgent violence.

The new IRA admitted to the killing of journalist Lyra Mckee in 2019, which they said was an ‘accident’, and subsequent protests in Northern Ireland developed into violence later prompting concern by US president Joe Biden, who is of Irish descent. The impact of his ancestry could also change the direction of where the UK goes next, as previously, Biden expressed that no trade deal can happen without guarantees of the avoidance of a hard border.

Molotov cocktails and petrol bombs unearthed old wounds in Derry and Belfast concerning those haunted by the psychological trauma endured throughout the troubles.

No one knows what will happen next, but we can all agree Brexit was the match that did not need to be lit in the name of sovereignty.

The past operational value of government was spent on aggression and ill-thought-out strategies reflective of the administration of the time. Today, the government must do the right thing, listen to the ‘will of the people’ of Northern Ireland and practice what they preach.

Referendums will be the only way forward for the United Kingdom with its kernel being ironically the referendum on European Union membership, an unsightly ego contest between parties and politicians.

Photo: No por Mucho Madrugar

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