You Can Now See Climate Change With Your Own Eyes

The absurdity of human inaction can now be seen with your own eyes thanks to Google Earth’s new feature ‘Timelapse’.

Mamoré River, Brazil, courtesy of Google

Director of Google Earth Rebecca Moore spearheaded the new feature added to Google Earth, which is a new way of interpreting climate change from a visual perspective.

“We can objectively see global warming with our own eyes”.

Timelapse allows users to filter by year, the changing climate we live in and provides options to switch between a ‘warming planet‘ where the application sifts through years of data in an image-led gallery of melting ice to ‘changing forests‘ and ‘fragile beauty‘ where you can appreciate a diverse and changing landscape.

“We hope that this can ground everyone in an objective, common understanding of what’s actually happening on the planet, and inspire action.”

Claushavn, Greenland, courtesy of Google.

Moore said of the project: “Now, our one, static snapshot of the planet”…”has become dynamic, providing ongoing visual evidence of Earth’s changes from climate and human behavior occurring across space and time, over four decades” “And this was made possible because of the U.S. government and European Union’s commitments to open and accessible data.”

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