Climate Change Will Wipe Out 10% Of Glacial Ice Analysis Shows

According to analysis by researchers, 10% of glacial ice will dissapear even if emissions targets are met.

Data compiled by researchers conclude that even if emission target cuts are met, we will still see the disappearance of more than 10% of glacial ice.

Researchers at the University of Bremen, University of Washington and the Institute of Geography and Center for Marine Environmental Sciences published a report regarding these difficult changes: “It is now clear that anthropogenic emissions are the primary driver of industrial-era (∼ 1850 to present) climate change. For the change in global-mean temperature since 1850, the central estimate of the anthropogenic warming is 100 %, with uncertainty bounds of ±20 % at the likely confidence level (Allen et al., 2018)”

The Guardian also published the results of a report stating that even if climate targets are met, the world will still lose 10% of glacial ice equivalent to 13,200 cubic kilometres. In other areas including North America and central Europe, this loss is expected to exceed 50%.

Ben Marzeion of the University of Bremen told the paper: “In one way, we could see it as a doomsday because it is already too late to stop many glaciers melting. But it is also important that people are aware of how decisions taken now can affect how our world will look two or three generations from now”

Though this news comes as a shock, it should not signify a response of defeat. In light of this new yet obvious information, targets should be intensified and efforts doubled to prevent the catastrophic events it is likely to create.

Earth is already seeing increased and fatal flooding in parts it should be less likely to occur, and these are early symptoms of a more unfortunate disaster waiting to happen.

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