UK Investment In Mozambique Gas Project May Lead To Legal Action

Non-profit organization ‘Friends of the Earth‘ is to order a review of the British government’s funding of a gas project in Mozambique.

UK credit agency for exports approved a deal worth $20 billion, which campaigners argue is incompatible with the Paris climate agreement.

The project is to be managed by oil giant ‘Total and is expected to create co2 emissions of approximately 116 million tonnes annually. Proponents say the project will bring employment opportunities to the area.

Legal advisors at Friends of the Earth have argued that the investment has increased violence in the region, where insurgents have killed an estimated 2,500 people, displacing nearly 700,000.

EXIM (The US Export-Import Bank) is providing 4.7 billion in loans to the project which is expected to continue during the Biden administration’s tenure as the president has not been explicit as to whether or not investment will cease.

Photo: NASA

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