Sunnbrella Spreads Dreamy Days Into Our Ears On ‘Lost & Found’

As wistful as it sounds, Sunnbrella‘s new song ‘Lost & Found’ finds us in a temperament fitting of today’s melancholic sonder of exhausted waiting. And it’s truthfully a work of art.

Following on from a stream of welcome music that hits the spot, Sunbrella returns with music to represent the elongated waiting rooms of lockdown. Driven by snares, guitar and soft vocals that further encourage the production, the soloist immerses us in his ideas which he says are left open for interpretation.

“I often don’t know what the message of a song is when I’m writing it. Sometimes the lyrics are completed before I understand what the song is about; It’s only after gradually piecing the words together that the meaning becomes clear to me. So in a weird way, I have to interpret my own words, but there’s room for completely different interpretations by the listeners. Maybe they’d understand the lyrics better than I do.”

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