Opinion: The Tories Are Corrupt, But Labour Are No Better

• Polls open at a time Labour is increasingly likely to lose support beyond the so-called ‘red-wall’.

• But social justice and Climate change have taken a back foot.

With Johnson surging in the polls it appears Keir Starmer is about to have a wake up call. Having played woefully into the hands of the Tories, accused of turning the party into ‘Red Labour’ the results appear not to be in the knighted politician’s favour.

The shambles and corruption the Conservative party face has become an indicator of press ownership. With so many debacles facing the prime minister, there should be no option but to vote against the Conservative party given years of cronyism, corruption and a lack of decorum when it comes to human and workers rights.

Though both options are insane to vote for, we must remind that there are other options on the table including the Green Party, who offer an alternate route out of our Brexit difficulties and also a British Green new deal that will secure net zero emissions based jobs.

At the heart of this election should be social justice and climate change. These are key indicators for a forward thinking party no matter the size of their position. But both topics have taken a back seat and it is important to push your local elected official to stand up to it.

Though local elections have a significant impact on the national outlook, it is important to remember that local politics is very different from the national system. Vote for who looks to be the better outfit locally for social, racial and climate betterment…just don’t let it be the Conservative party.

The Conservatives are corrupt but the public seem to like that. However, Britain also voted for Brexit. You are what you eat.

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